Another Moon Bear cub was rescued from traffickers in Vietnam on May 5. Ready to make the drive to Animals Asia, driver Quang gets to know his new passenger. The tiny tyke, named Taurus, is the smallest bear Animals Asia has ever taken on. Read all about it.

The campaign

We have many items at Ursa Freedom Project to raise awareness and funds to liberate 9000 bears from crush cages. Let's get these images all over the internet and in the hands of the worldwide media. We are the (((voice))) for the bears! Our actions matter.

Simple Steps to Joyful Engagement

If the major changes we're witnessing on Earth have you thinking, "I feel like I want to do something... but I'm not sure where to start," consider joining a worldwide gathering with the Ursa Freedom Project. We've begun a massive wave, a bear liberation movement. And you're invited to be a part of it, be it as a little droplet or a flashflood, it's up to you.

We envision waves all over the globe - making art, meals, music, you name it - to raise consciousness for the plight of the Moon Bear. The first step is consciousness. Then we harness the high energy of loving gatherings, creative engagement of any kind, basically FUN! From there, "the sky's the limit." From there, we aim to liberate 9000 Moon Bears.

Would you like to organize your friends, affinity group or local organization to be part of the global action? Every contribution in time, skills, energy, no matter how small, is a drop toward a mighty ocean of awareness. By creating a great tide of Love, in togetherness we aim to transform untold suffering for the sake of freedom. And freedom for the Moon Bear is a great place to start.

To learn more, check out the links or go directly to Ursa Freedom Project.